AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
4 daysnongnu: firefox: Use system nspr.HEADmasterHilton Chain
4 daysnongnu: Add emacs-eli.Pierre Neidhardt
4 daysnongnu: Add allegro-cl.Pierre Neidhardt
7 daysnongnu: steam: Cleanup make-internal-script to avoid import warnings.Attila Lendvai
7 daysnongnu: broadcom-bt-firmware: Cleanup to avoid import warnings.Attila Lendvai
7 daysnongnu: raspberrypi-firmware: Update to 1.20220331.Pavel Shlyak
8 daysnongnu: linux@5.15: Update to 5.15.51.Jonathan Brielmaier
8 daysnongnu: Remove linux@5.17. Add linux@5.18.Jonathan Brielmaier
11 daysnongnu: nvidia-libs: Use correct input names.Jonathan Brielmaier
11 daysnongnu: nvidia-driver: Simplify inputs.Petr Hodina
11 daysnongnu: nvidia-driver: Use gexp.Petr Hodina
11 daysnongnu: nvda: Use gexp.Petr Hodina
11 daysnongnu: nvidia-settings: Use gexp.Petr Hodina
11 daysnongnu: Add nvidia-module.Petr Hodina
2022-06-19nongnu: linux@5.15: Update to 5.15.48.Jonathan Brielmaier
2022-06-19nongnu: linux@5.17: Update to 5.17.15.Jonathan Brielmaier
2022-06-18nonguix: binary-build-system: Fix use of undefined variable.Guillaume Le Vaillant
2022-06-14nongnu: sdrplay: Use gexps.Guillaume Le Vaillant
2022-06-14dotnet: Update to 3.1.419.Zhu Zihao
2022-06-14dotnet: Update to 6.0.300.Zhu Zihao
2022-06-13nongnu: Add soapysdrplay3.Guillaume Le Vaillant
2022-06-13nongnu: Add sdrplay.Guillaume Le Vaillant
2022-06-07nongnu: linux@5.15: Update to 5.15.45.Jonathan Brielmaier
2022-06-07nongnu: linux@5.17: Update to 5.17.13.Jonathan Brielmaier
2022-05-31nongnu: playonlinux: Remove python2 dependencies.Jonathan Brielmaier
2022-05-26nongnu: playonlinux: Remove input labels.Jonathan Brielmaier
2022-05-26nongnu: playonlinux: Update to 4.4.Jonathan Brielmaier
2022-05-26nongnu: lgogdownloader: Remove input labels.Jonathan Brielmaier
2022-05-26nongnu: lgogdownloader: Update to 3.9.Jonathan Brielmaier
2022-05-26nongnu: gmmlib: Update to 22.1.3.Jonathan Brielmaier
2022-05-26nongnu: dxvk-next: Update to 1.10.1.Jonathan Brielmaier
2022-05-26nongnu: linux-firmware: Update to 20220509.Jonathan Brielmaier
2022-05-26nongnu: linux@5.15: Update to 5.15.43.Jonathan Brielmaier
2022-05-26nongnu: broadcom-sta: Build with linux-lts.Jonathan Brielmaier
2022-05-26nongnu: linux@5.17: Update to 5.17.11.Jonathan Brielmaier
2022-05-26nongnu: compcert: Remove input labels.Jonathan Brielmaier
2022-05-26nongnu: compcert: Allow build against newer coq version.Jonathan Brielmaier
2022-05-25nongnu: intel-microcode: Update to 20220510.Timotej Lazar
2022-05-21nongnu: firefox: Upddate to 100.0.2 [security fixes].Jonathan Brielmaier
2022-05-19services: Add missing paranthesis.Jonathan Brielmaier
2022-05-19services: Add description field to zerotier-one-service-type.Jonathan Brielmaier
2022-05-18nongnu: linux@5.15: Update to 5.15.41.Jonathan Brielmaier
2022-05-18nongnu: linux@5.17: Update to 5.17.9.Jonathan Brielmaier
2022-05-16nongnu: firefox: Update to 100.0.1.Jonathan Brielmaier
2022-05-09nongnu: linux@5.10: Update to 5.10.113.Remco van 't Veer
2022-05-05nonguix: binary-build-system: Add copyright header for Attila.Jonathan Brielmaier
2022-05-05nonguix: Extend patchelf-plan syntax with optional path.Attila Lendvai
2022-05-05nongnu: firefox Update to 100.0 [security fixes].Jonathan Brielmaier
2022-05-02nongnu: intel-microcode: Update to 20220419.Timotej Lazar
2022-04-29nongnu: winetricks: Update to 20220411.Sughosha