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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author Add channel introduction.Alex Griffin
2020-05-31doc: Detail how to use Nonguix from the booted installation media.Pierre Neidhardt Suggest running guix pullJulien Lepiller
2020-05-11doc: Mention the #nonguix IRC channel is on Freenode.Pierre Neidhardt
2020-05-02doc: Mention #nonguix IRC channel.Pierre Neidhardt advice for avoiding kernel rebuilds.Jacob First Don't recommend `load-broadcom-sta-service`.Alex Griffin Illustrate use of 'microcode-initrd'.Alex Griffin Warn against the dangers of using nonfree software.Pierre Neidhardt Instruct how to generation nonfree installation imagePierre Neidhardt Link to the Guix Gaming Channels project.Alex Griffin Add usage instructions and contributing guidelines.Alex Griffin Change URL to reflect new repository home.Alex Griffin
2019-05-11Add README.orgAlex Griffin