path: root/nongnu/packages/steam-client.scm
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-11-24nongnu: steam: Fix desktop file.ison
2020-10-31nongnu: steam: Update comment.ison
2020-10-18nongnu: steam: Preserve DRI_PRIME environment variable.Oleg Pykhalov
2020-10-12nongnu: steam: Add ldconfig comment.ison
2020-09-23nongnu: steam: Audio and Vulkan fixes.ison
2020-09-17nongnu: steam: Fix desktop icon and python dependency.ison
2020-09-16nongnu: steam: Reduce dependencies.ison
2020-09-15nongnu: steam: Clean up.ison
2020-09-15nongnu: steam: Update document strings.ison
2020-09-15nongnu: steam: Fix fhs-internal versionison
2020-09-15nongnu: steam: Preserve steam runtime vars.ison
2020-09-15nongnu: steam: Use guile instead of bash for scripts.ison
2020-09-12nongnu: steam: Add controller support.ison
2020-09-08nongnu: steam: Use manifest for propagated inputs.ison
2020-09-07nongnu: steam: Fix vulkan.ison
2020-09-07nongnu: steam: Improve package unions.ison
2020-09-05nongnu: steam: Use format for scheme string.ison
2020-09-04nongnu: steam: Fix Desktop file and clean manifest.ison
2020-09-03nongnu: Add steam.ison