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2020-07-02nonguix: Allow disabling passing $0 in make-wrapper.Julien Lepiller
2020-06-22utils: Remove 'make-desktop-entry-file' function now that it's upstream.Pierre Neidhardt
2020-02-29nonguix: Use the install-plan of the copy-build-system in the binary-build-sy...Pierre Neidhardt
2020-01-16nonguix: Add support for libraries for an extension other than ".so".Pierre Neidhardt
2020-01-08utils: Add 'concatenate-files' function.Alex Griffin
2019-12-29nonguix: Fix default values for patchelf-plan and install-plan.Pierre Neidhardt
2019-12-29Move the "binary" build system from the Gaming Channels to Nonguix.Pierre Neidhardt