BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
cookie-authenticationLet the owner of some configured cookie to automatically authorize appsVivien Kraus11 days
masterMake only one service type, but accept multiple configurations.Vivien Kraus3 days
0.5.2commit b43be9d4b0...Vivien Kraus3 days
0.5.1commit 146ed05a7a...Vivien Kraus5 weeks
0.5.0commit 0f243928c6...Vivien Kraus5 weeks
0.4.16commit 1b7a485bbd...Vivien Kraus7 weeks
0.4.15commit c6563268a6...Vivien Kraus7 weeks
0.4.14commit c874d37425...Vivien Kraus7 weeks
0.4.13commit 4a607b05f1...Vivien Kraus7 weeks
0.4.12commit 5ae639a01b...Vivien Kraus7 weeks
0.4.11commit 8879c107f3...Vivien Kraus7 weeks
0.4.10commit 4597ca12db...Vivien Kraus9 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthor
3 daysMake only one service type, but accept multiple configurations.HEAD0.5.2masterVivien Kraus
3 daysUse guile parametersVivien Kraus
3 daysLoad the encrypted password from a fileVivien Kraus
3 daysAdd a command to generate the docker imageVivien Kraus
3 daysChange the name!Vivien Kraus
6 daysUpdate the READMEVivien Kraus
6 daysDon’t forget to depend on jsonld nowVivien Kraus
6 daysProvide the website serviceVivien Kraus
6 daysThe package should know its release date to generate a doap descriptionVivien Kraus
6 daysThe server supports XML catalogs.Vivien Kraus