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2022-06-18nonguix: binary-build-system: Fix use of undefined variable.Guillaume Le Vaillant
Follow up to a0079cf1bd8ef707ab9e15a0e249cbd34f157ae4. * nonguix/build/binary-build-system.scm (patchelf)[make-rpath]: Use 'name' instead of undefined 'input-or-output'. Signed-off-by: Jonathan Brielmaier <>
2022-05-05nonguix: binary-build-system: Add copyright header for Attila.Jonathan Brielmaier
Follow up to a0079cf1bd8ef707ab9e15a0e249cbd34f157ae4.
2022-05-05nonguix: Extend patchelf-plan syntax with optional path.Attila Lendvai
Makes it possible to define entries like the following in the patchelf-plan: ("the-binary" ("glibc" ("nss" "/lib/nss"))) * nonguix/build/binary-build-system.scm (maybe-make-rpath, make-rpath): New functions and use them. Signed-off-by: Jonathan Brielmaier <>
2021-12-13nonguix: Update binary build system to pass sources.Jelle Licht
* nonguix/build-system/binary.scm (lower): Remove #:source from 'private-keywords'.
2021-12-13nonguix: Update binary build system to return a monadic procedure.Josselin Poiret
Fixes * nonguix/build-system/binary.scm (binary-build): Update it. Signed-off-by: Jonathan Brielmaier <>
2020-12-22nongnu: Adapt linux-initrd to populate-store changes.Jonathan Brielmaier
Fixes Reported-by: Jean-Baptiste Volatier. Depends on * nonguix/modules.scm (import-nonguix-module?): New variable. Export it instead of nonguix-module-name?. * nongnu/system/linux-initrd.scm (microcode-initrd): Use import-nonguix-module? instead of nonguix-module-name?. (combined-initrd): Dito.
2020-07-02nonguix: Allow disabling passing $0 in make-wrapper.Julien Lepiller
* nonguix/build/utils.scm (make-wrapper): Add skip-argument-0? keyword.
2020-06-22utils: Remove 'make-desktop-entry-file' function now that it's upstream.Pierre Neidhardt
* nonguix/build/utils.scm (make-desktop-entry-file): Remove function.
2020-05-17nonguix: Set default build-inputs priority higher than libc32 in ↵Pierre Neidhardt
binary-build-system. * nonguix/build-system/binary.scm (lower): Swap native-inputs and libc32 in build-inputs. In particular, this fixes static linking with GCC.
2020-05-15nonguix: Don't rename to32 package to avoid useless rebuilds.Pierre Neidhardt
* nonguix/utils.scm (to32): Reuse inherited `name' field.
2020-03-13nonguix: Use name when provided in unredistributable-url-fetch.Julien Lepiller
* nonguix/download.scm (unredistributable-url-fetch): Use name when provided.
2020-02-29nonguix: Use the install-plan of the copy-build-system in the ↵Pierre Neidhardt
binary-build-system. * nonguix/build-system/binary.scm (lower): Adapt the default value of the install plan. * nonguix/build/binary-build-system.scm (new-install): New procedure. (old-install): Rename former `install' procedure to this. (install): New procedure that dispatches over old-install and new-install.
2020-01-16nonguix: Add support for libraries for an extension other than ".so".Pierre Neidhardt
* nonguix/build-system/binary.scm (binary-build): Don't fail when setting the interpreter of libraries that don't contain ".so" in their name.
2020-01-08linux-initrd: Don't close over core Guile modules.Alex Griffin
* nonguix/modules.scm: New file. * nongnu/system/linux-initrd.scm: Limit 'source-module-closure' to guix and nonguix modules only.
2020-01-08utils: Add 'concatenate-files' function.Alex Griffin
* nonguix/build/utils.scm (concatenate-files): New function.
2019-12-29nonguix: Remove spurious getenv* export.Pierre Neidhardt
* nonguix/utils.scm: Do it.
2019-12-29nonguix: Fix default values for patchelf-plan and install-plan.Pierre Neidhardt
* nonguix/build-system/binary.scm (binary-build): Default values are unquoted, so we add an extra quote.
2019-12-29Move the "binary" build system from the Gaming Channels to Nonguix.Pierre Neidhardt
* nonguix/build-system/binary.scm: New file. * nonguix/build/binary-build-system.scm: New file. * nonguix/build/utils.scm: New file. * nonguix/utils.scm: New file.
2019-07-27nongnu: Add unredistributable-url-fetch.Julien Lepiller
* nonguix/download.scm: New file.
2019-05-26Add nonfree licenses.Alex Griffin
* nonguix/licenses.scm: New file.