BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
add-skypeWIP: nongnu: Add skype.Jonathan Brielmaier18 months
core-updatesnongnu: linux: Update to 5.15.5.Jonathan Brielmaier5 months
fix-ibt-hw-firmwarenongnu: ibt-hw-firmware: Install files to expected location.Jelle Licht11 months
keyringAdd empty newline for pineapples key.Jonathan Brielmaier13 months
linux-updaternongnu: linux-urls: Switch to kernel mirror.Jonathan Brielmaier16 months
masternongnu: firefox: Upddate to 100.0.2 [security fixes].Jonathan Brielmaier2 days
new-install-plangnu: nvidia-cg-toolkit: Use new install-plan format.Pierre Neidhardt2 years
rework-structure[WIP] Add pre-inst-env.Jelle Licht6 months
samsung-printerWIP: samsung-unified-printer.Jonathan Brielmaier7 months
steam-no-system-dbusnongnu: steam: Don't fail if system bus isn't up.pineapples11 months
wip-monognu: Add dxvk@1.7.Pierre Neidhardt23 months